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Folarin Falana, known by his stage name Falz, is an award winning ethnic musician, actor and entertainer.

He describes his style of music as "Wahzup music, a fusion of comic lyrics with the contemporary hip-hop in a faux Yoruba accent."

He has rocked the Nigerian music landscape by creating an engaging local persona that delivers high quality music, using local accents and traditional cultural nuances in his musical imagery. This has built him a huge following across all social classes.

Falz is considered an authority in building personal brands that resonates with the African audience, and is a brand ambassador for major brands such as Remy Martin.

He embarks on his first official UK tour,

June 2016, promoting his sophomore album Stories That Touch 

Nigerian DJs UK 
Meet & Greet Session

Falz discusses his upcoming 

UK tour in June 2016.

DJ Em presents Falz UK Live Show. 
Pictures from Falz Nottingham Show


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